Because we have trusting relationships with our clients, you can be assured your home is being kept up on in all ways necessary for you to relax and come to your home, knowing things are always taken care of while you are away. We follow an extensive checklist when caretaking for your home as we create a tailored list customized to your property's specific needs. 


We will manage entry and exit of any necessary sub contractors, keeping your entry information private and all communications clear and concise. We can organize your kitchen and home to make your time in your home stress free, by helping you find things with ease.


Tahoe Green Homecare will give you peace of mind and comfort while you are away. We will perform weekly, biweekly or monthly especially inspections checking the overall details and status of your home and make sure it is secure we will check the exterior areas around your home such as tree conditions and landscaping, snow removal, and decks. We also inspect the status of your home’s interior, from the electrical systems to mechanical, security systems, plumbing, and heating to ensure everything is functioning properly.


Property caretaking and management list


Interior caretaking

  • Cleaning – Everything is clean and ready for homeowner use at any time.

  • Meeting contractors and service professionals – Meeting any subcontractors to be let in for a job, then closing up the house again.

  • Electronics – All electronics are running correctly or programed to desired setting.

  • Alarms– Set alarm if applicable to home.

  • Thermostat – Check thermostat and programmed to homeowner’s desired temperature.

  • Lights – Check that all lights are turned off, or programed to desired setting.

  • Blinds – Blinds are closed properly and securely.

  • Doors and windows – Doors are latched, closed, and locked.

  • Bathroom heaters – Turn off/check floor heating heaters in bathrooms.

  • Toilets – Flush regularly, to check plumbing, and freshen the water from mineral build up.

  • Check under sinks and around furniture – For traces of pests and place any traps or call exterminator if necessary

  • Garage – Check to make sure no trash is left behind.

  • Carpets – Any spots that need tending to, steam cleaning etc.

  • Garage keypad – Working with fresh batteries.

  • Pingpong tables and other games – Make sure all parts and pieces are in their place, and neatly stored.

  • Closet and dressers – Make sure items are neatly stored.

  • Refrigerators and freezers – Check that everything is in operation.

  • Interior Damage – Keep eyes open for any damage.

  • This and all lists can be tailored to your home.

Exterior caretaking

  • Patio – All is stored safely

  • Firewood – Make sure it is stocked if needed.

  • BBQ – Make sure gas is off and propane tanks full fro next arrival, and it is clean.

  • Landscaping and property grounds – Check trees and yard for any clean up, or potential leaking sprinklers, or need for deck staining or outside maintenance of home, or in winter snow removal needs, etc.

  • Exterior damage – Keep eyes open for any damage on siding, roof, decks, etc.

  • Defensable space

Additional services

  • Concierge services – Stock fridge or home with any wanted or necessary items.


Our qualified team of professionals will bring their experience with them on every job. We ensure that the unique needs of your home will be met. We can manage home-improvement projects that are complete and efficiently managed. We understand the importance for you to feel confident and worry free when it comes to your home. We are well prepared for any unique requests and are dedicated staffed is willing to invest its time for your special concerns.