Regular household cleaners rely upon such chemicals as chlorine bleach and ammonia to clean and disinfect your home. Although these products do clean effectively, they are not good for the environment and can even pose health risks to humans and animals. Eco-friendly cleaners rely upon citrus-based solvents, vinegar, essential oils and natural abrasives to clean and disinfect without harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly cleaners often come with a higher price tag, but you may worry that they will not work well. On the whole, rest assured that they are effective. Buyers should keep in mind that some eco-friendly cleaners may require more elbow grease than standard household cleaners, and they should look for the right cleaner for the job. Good quality cleaning supplies, including mops and scrub brushes, will improve the effectiveness of your cleaning needs.

We use eco-friendly cleaning Products because we consider your home to be composed of thee things, your body, the home you live in, and the planet we all share. By using our services, you are participating in the Green Movement by caring for all three, not to mention your family, and your pets. Take care of yourself by raising your standards. Eliminate toxic chemicals from your life, but keep your home clean, and pure. We are here for you!