Every home should have a deep spring clean at this time of year!

There are many mold spores that can gather from a heavy winter like the one we just had in Tahoe!

Spring cleaning can also remove dust mites, and the microscopic particles sloughing off bodies from skin and hair, and our homes are always giving off dust from the structure itself. Furniture and carpets also gather all of these particles. Dust can seep through cracks in windows, doors and ceilings. This really begins to accumulate over time and be hard on your health.. It is important to remove this from your environment and reintroduce cleanliness, with our eco, friendly products that disinfect, and leave your home with a light, heavenly scent of organic essential oils.

In deep cleaning we vacuum under and around furniture, while baseboards, wipe light switches, fronts of cabinets and handles, where things may have gotten sticky over time! We do a thorough job of cobwebbing, and dusting up high, like selling fans, and beams. We detail dust the home, in the nooks and crannies, and open windows changing the air in your home! Refresh, renew and help you feel organized and rejuvenated...

We are here for you, please call us today to schedule your spring cleaning!!! Why wait?

Call Natalie @ (530) 318-3024.

My crew and I will take the best care of your home with our now 14 years of experience. You can trust an enjoyable experience with us. My staff are experts having worked with me for over 10 years, and we can assure a sparkling surprise when you see your refreshed new home!!!