Our concierge services will make it feel as though you never left home away from home. 

  • Warmth & Ambiance: Temperature and light adjustments.

  • Extra Special Extras: Your favorite beverage and flowers, etc.

  • Grocery Shopping: Organic grocery shopping offered upon request (for weekends, 1 week to 2 weeks) so you can just show up and have everything ready in your kitchen allowing you to rest, relax and nourish yourself, friends and family.

  • Meal Plans: Meal plans offered upon request. Easy recipes provided by Natalie Schaefer, owner of Tahoe Green Homecare, is a board certified nutrition consultant.

    Meal plan options: 
    – Paleo
    – Vegetarian
    – Vegan
    – Weight Loss
    – Heart Health
    – Athletic Performance
    – Autoimmune Conditions
    – Energy Boosting
    – Digestive Support
    – All Around Good Health Made Easy